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Now, there is not anything at all wrong with being shallow, as sometimes you just want to get laid. You are NOT going to get the MORE part from these techniques (unless you just derive it on your own from the sheer volume of experience.) he was probably the first one using these techniques.) But Mr. Even Neil Strauss has admited that "The Game is changing." So many guys have learned his and Mystery's pick up lines and routines that women have heard them before and recognize them and men are getting busted for using them. And these material aren't necessarily going to make you feel good about yourself (unless you have perhaps very low self esteem.) Taken on their own, they are moderately effective as they do work, but only on a certain kind of shallow insecure woman.There are even gurus on the internet who took Mystery's training and were successful at it, but gave it up and don't practice it anymore. Rx actually gives you more techniques to be a player with, but Mystery gives you more in-depth information on this one strategy with this one "type" of woman than Mr. They are moderately easy to implement (unless you have moral issues with "bullshitting"), but they are not geared for internet dating and are not going to teach you how to So final evaluation, if you are rich and/or obsessive like me, get these materials in addition to Dating To Relating" and "Double Your Dating" but don't bother getting them as your main training system. Well for those of you who don't know, Mystery was Neil's initial Guru.I'm combining them here as they are more or less coming from the same technique or strategy.ANDAnd I DON'T want to get a girl's phone number then she never calls me back.Or I DON'T want to get a girlfriend only to lose her 3 weeks later or worse yet before I even get laid!!!

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I am including them here (even though I only give them a four-out-of-ten rating) for the following reason.

In conjunction with the above two products - "Dating To Relating" and "Double Your Dating" they can have decent value.

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